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TIPS Support
Application and Process Inquires:
For questions about your application, deadlines, TIPS processes or benefits, please contact your local Reviewing Official.

Policy Questions:
For questions about Transportation Incentive Program Policy, review the Program FAQs.

Technical Support:
For technical support or other issues, contact the TIPS Helpdesk at DON_TIPS@navy.mil
Log In Help
Unable to Log In
  • Authentication Error

An Authentication Error typically means you need to register for an account.

If you are a PARTICIPANT, please press the "Create new account" button under the top Log In button.

If you are a SUPERVISOR, please search your email inbox for an Email with Subject line : ACTION REQUIRED: Transportation Incentive Program (TIP). This email contains a long link that will enable you to register as a supervisor. If you do not have the email, please contact your Local Reviewing Official or TIP POC and ask them to send it to you again via "Email Supervisor" button.

Web Page Doesn't Display
  • Clear Cache on Computer

Please take the following actions:

  1. Open a new Internet Explorer (IE) window
  2. Select Tools->Internet Options
  3. Browsing History
  4. Press the Delete button
  5. Then open a new IE window and navigate to TIPS again.
  6. https://support.tips.navy.mil
  7. Please log in and allow a bit of time display the page.
For further assistance on technical issues, please send an email to DON_TIPS@navy.mil

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